Information about Plumbing Schools

A plumber is an important individual who provides installation and repair services to residences and businesses. This position requires the ability to work with your hands and to communicate the needs of a home effectively to your client. Plumbing schools bestow these skills and more, making entrance into this career field much easier.

What Plumbing Schools can Offer

Becoming a plumber does not require a college education. However, a certificate program is very valuable as it teaches you specialized skills specific to this profession. Some of the skills imparted at plumbing schools that offer you a certificate include the following:

Water supply and drainage systems: An exploration of how these public services are used in both residential and commercial units

Piping: The utility of different pipes and how to properly install them

Heating and ventilation: The implementation of different heating and cooling systems and how they may affect a building's plumbing

Fittings and valves: The different connecting tools that will help control the flow of water and drainage

Business management: The skills you need to make sure that you own plumbing business runs smoothly and effectively

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Top Schools

Community colleges are a good place of study for plumbers at for a price that does not break the bank. Technical colleges also offer the skills and certificate needed to enter this profession. Some of the top plumbing schools in the country include the following:

Atlanta Technical College in Atlanta, Georgia

Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Pipestone, Minnesota

Montana State University Northern in Havre, Montana

Cleveland Community College in Shelby, North Carolina

Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama

Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan

New York University of Continuing and Professional Studies in New York, New York

Saint Paul College in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Online Schools

Some schools offer online certification for plumbers as well as courses that can be used to help teach new professional skills. Some online plumbing schools include the following:

Penn Foster Career School in Scranton, Pennsylvania

University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

High School Preparation and Admittance Procedures

At a high school level, you should focus your studies on technical and building skills. This includes a focus on mathematics and sciences as well as hands-on mechanical courses. Some of the suggested high school courses to take for this career include the following:








The better your grades are, the more likely you will be to enter one of the top plumbing schools in the country. You will also want to seek out an apprenticeship if possible. This will give you a lot of hands-on experience and allow you to form professional connections that can be important when starting your own plumbing service.

As older buildings become modernized, the need for plumbers to repair and insert new piping and drainage is increasingly in demand. By entering this field, you will be working in a well-paying and interesting position that offers many different opportunities.

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